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Spectroscope Alpy 600

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Product description

More about the series Alpy...

Behind the name Alpy is a product line for spectroscopy: Astrophysics without an astronomical budget!

The modular Alpy system: core element is the Spektrograf Alpy 600 . With it, you can work in a range from near UV to near infrared. Thanks to the standard connections and the accessories, you can adapt the spectrograph to your existing optical system and sensors. You can use the Basismodul as a latent spectrograph or as a visual observation. With the Alpy Guider you can realize longer exposures. The Alpy calibration module allows the wavelength calibration and the generation of flats. Thanks to the Alpy Barlow lens , you can use a DSLR camera and a specially developed C-mount adapter provides another option for camera connection.

The Spectrograf Alpy 600 consists of a grid prism, a combination of prism and optical grating with 600 lines per millimeter.

Some specifications:

  • Opening ratio f / 5
  • Slit length: 3mm
  • Dissolving power at 10 angstroms: R ~ 600
  • Weight: 60g in visual mode, 200g when using a CCD
  • Adjustable mask for gap or opening (hole: 25μm, column: 25μm, 50μm, 100μm, 300μm)
  • Slit length: 3mm
  • Back focus: 10.5 to 21mm

The scope of supply is only the Alpy 600 Spektrograf. The entire Alpy system can be found under "Recommended accessories".



Connector (at camera end)
Connection (to the telescope)

Special features

Filter thread


Diameter (mm)
Height (mm)

Recommended accessories

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Shelyak Alpy guiding module

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Cambridge University Press Book Spectral Atlas for Amateur Astronomers

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Shelyak Spectroscope Alpy 600

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Shelyak Spectroscope Alpy 600

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Shelyak Spectroscope Alpy 600
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