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Helios Sundial Polaris

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Manufacturer: Helios

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Helios Sundial Polaris
Helios Sundial Polaris
Product description
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Product description:

Please note that this product desciption was translated by a computer. For more information please contact our english speaking customer service.

The shadow bar of the table sun clock Polaris is parallel to the Earth's axis, so that the sun seems to rotate around it as a result of the earth's rotation. The shadow of the staff shows you clearly where on the world map our day star is standing.

And of course you can also read the time. With the sundial Polaris you have the choice: You can view the natural solar time or our modern time zone. They read the Central European Time (CET / CEST) or any other time in the world. The built-in world maps of the northern and southern hemisphere, each with 24 time zones and the rotatable time ring make the Polaris a universal solar chronometer.

Some feature:

  • Equatorial sundial displaying the CET / CEST or solar time and the global solar position on the integrated world maps.
  • For locations in the latitude range 35 ° -70 ° N and 35 ° -70 ° S.
  • High-quality materials: stainless steel, plexiglass and optical HC (spectacle lens).

Design: Dr.-Ing. Carlo Heller

The oldest timepiece of humanity in noble design and precision craftsmanship - these are the sundials from Helios .

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