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Orion SynScan Wi-Fi
Orion SynScan Wi-Fi
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Product description:

The high-quality WLAN module is compatible with all Skywatcher GoTo mounts and telescopes and allows convenient wireless control via your smartphone or tablet using the SynScan or SynScan Pro app, which you can download for free via Google Play or at the Apple App Store.

The WLAN module can be easily connected to the hand control box port on the mount via the adapter cables (RJ12 to RJ45 and RJ45 to RJ45) supplied. No batteries are required as the mount's own power supply is used for this. (The EQ6 Pro mount is connected using the original cable supplied with the mount).

The WLAN module sets up its own Wi-Fi network, so that the mount can be used anywhere without the need for using a foreign network. After entering the coordinates of your observing location into the SynScan app and performing a simple alignment procedure, you can directly use this intuitive software.

The SynScan apps support the SkySafari Plus/Pro Mobile planetarium app for Android and Apple iOS. Both the SynScan app and the SynScan Pro app support ASCOM for tracking, GoTo and guiding.

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