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Omegon Inflatable dome, 5 meters with fan

Product no.: 49594
Manufacturer: Omegon

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Omegon Inflatable dome, 5 meters with fan
Omegon Inflatable dome, 5 meters with fan
Omegon Inflatable dome, 5 meters with fan
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Product description:

Perfect hours of astronomy - an inflatable 5 metre dome as your planetarium

Are you looking for the right planetarium dome? - but you have no permanent location available for it, or you want to be able to easily relocate it? This inflatable 5 metre dome is easy to transport and is provides exactly the right arena. Invite your visitors inside and let's get the show started!

The advantages in a nutshell

  • enough space for your visitors - up to 28 students or 20 adults
  • easy to stand upright inside - a comfortable 2.4 metres in height
  • door opening closed by adhesive strap - for a show without interfering external light
  • a fan inflates your dome in just three minutes and continues to supply the interior with fresh air
  • ideal for astronomy clubs, schools and companies - for guided tours of the sky or for events
  • easy to transport - the dome is only 46x45x60cm when folded up
  • made in Europe

The 'star theatre' for schools, astronomy clubs or companies

Every theatre needs a space for its visitors, including a planetarium. The Omegon 5 metre dome offers plenty of space for groups of visitors. For example - for school classes of up to 28 students aged 6-10 years, or for 15-20 adults. For all schools, clubs and observatories - there is finally now a way to disseminate multimedia astronomical education without the need of an expensive planetarium which would require a building permit.

Just take the night sky with you

The 5 metre Omegon Planetarium dome is a professional solution for schools and clubs. Just take the starry sky with you and wow people! - also a great attraction at events, celebrations or fairs.

High quality canvas - a feeling as if you were floating in the universe

The 360 ​​degree 'screen' provides an undisturbed view without irritating seams - the material is so finely crafted that you will not notice any imperfections. All you will see is a clear and balanced view of your presentation.

How fast? - up in just 3 minutes

The dome was designed for quick and easy setting up. The fan completely inflates your dome in just 3 minutes,so you can get started almost immediately with your presentation.

Continually supplied with fresh air

A lot of people means more oxygen is needed - the exterior-mounted fan ensures conditions inside the dome remain pleasant. The fan quietly and unobtrusively continuously conveys fresh air into the dome. Your visitors will not even notice as the fresh air enters from above. And of course it never blows in the visitors faces.

Easy transport with included bag

Simply pack the dome into the bag supplied. It can then be safely stowed away until the next time it is needed. Weighing 28kg and 46x45x60cm in size, your planetarium dome can be stored almost anywhere.

Visitor safety

The planetarium dome material is fireproof and comes with documentation certifying that it is fireproof. And if a visitor has to leave the dome quickly in an emergency, then he or she can simply raise the dome's bottom edge to get out into the open.

Additional information

- transport bag included

- material is 0.8mm thick

- weight 28kg

- fan included

The planetarium's dome from the outside, using low-reflection PVC material

The fan both inflates the dome and keeps it supplied with fresh air

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