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Atik Camera 383L+ Mono

Product no.: 44168
Manufacturer: Atik

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$ 2,210.00

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Atik Camera 383L+ Mono
Atik Camera 383L+ Mono
Atik Camera 383L+ Mono
Atik Camera 383L+ Mono
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Product description:

Please note that this product desciption was translated by a computer. For more information please contact our english speaking customer service.

The Atik 383L + is a dream combination of low-noise electronics and professional sensor at a fantastic price!

The cooled 8 megapixel camera with Kodak CCD offers a low readout noise. To get with only small losses all the information in your computer which receives the sensitive Kodak sensor. Since the camera maintains its sensitivity over long exposure constant, it is particularly suitable for sensitive photometric measurements.

Kodak uses novel materials which are much more transparent than conventional materials in the visible and near-infrared area for the vapor-deposited on the chip interconnects. So Kodak has the sensitivity (quantum efficiency) significantly increase.

The effective cooling with Peltier element and fan ensures a very rapid deployment. The temperature can be controlled to 0.1 ° C. For cooling also transmits the glass plate in front of the sensor at: Since no BK7 glass but quartz is installed, the heat conduction is minimized. The quartz window is remunerated on both sides to prevent reflections. Fogging of the windscreen from the inside is prevented by a desiccant.


  • camera
  • USB cable, 3 meters
  • Power cable, 1.8 meters with connection to cigarette lighter
  • CD-ROM with drivers, software and manual (PDF)
  • Quick guide in paper form

The camera is a monochrome or color camera available (Mono or Color). All cameras are compatible not only with the Atik capture software, but also with Astroart and Maxim DL. For the Atik software minimum system requirements Pentium III PC with 128 MB of RAM is.

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