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Bresser Camera PC eyepiece

Product no.: 2261
Manufacturer: Bresser

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Bresser Camera PC eyepiece
Bresser Camera PC eyepiece
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Manufacturer's product description:


With this Bresser PC-eyeglass, you´re able to watch video sequences in colour on your computer.

The eyeglass is used to watch astonomic or country-observations with a group of people on the computer (lessons, talks, hobby-evenings).

The video sequences can be saved as a file.

Just adopt - add - go.

System conditions: PC with Windows XP, Windowa Vista, Windows 7, 700 MHZ- processor 128 MB main memory, 2 GB free hard disk, CD or DVD tape deck, USB 1.1/2.0-access.

Our expert comment:

The new version of the Bresser PC Eyepiece unfortunatly has no 1,25" thread. This is to be explained by the fact that the camera already includes an IR-Cut filter. This is the only filter which is absolutely essential for planetary imaging. If you want to use other types of 1,25" filters, you need an extra adapter such as article No 17171. This adapter is to be mounted instead of the original 1,25" one.

(Sandra Eguay)

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