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Moravian Camera G1-2000 Color

Product no.: 50299
Manufacturer: Moravian

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Product description:

Advantages of the Moravian G1-2000:

  • the camera is very lightweight and easy to operate
  • the Sony ICX274AL Sensor has better than 50% quantum efficiency and low read noise
  • 16 bit digitization
  • strong anti-blooming
  • fast readout
  • effective fan cooling
  • equipped with standard Autoguider connector
  • power through USB connection - no seperarte power connection necessary

The G1-2000 does not use Peltier cooling but it uses a fan which efficiently removes the heat from the camera body and keeps the temperature of the chip as colose to ambient temperature as possible. The camera has a temperature sensor.

Colour or mono? Black and white cameras have the advantage of higher sensitivity and resolution than colour cameras. However, more effort is required to obtain a colour image. You also need colour filters and a filter wheel

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