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QHY Camera 695A Mono

Product no.: 54780
Manufacturer: QHY

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QHY Camera 695A Mono
QHY Camera 695A Mono
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Product description:

Please note that this product desciption was translated by a computer. For more information please contact our english speaking customer service.

The ALccd-QHY 695A is equipped with the ultra-high sensitivity SONY ExView II CCD sensor ICX695. This six megapixel sensor has a quantum efficiency of nearly 80%! In conjunction with the efficient, two-stage Peltier cooling, you can achieve a delta T of 45 °, which reduces the thermal noise to a low level. With the ALccd-QHY 695A you get a camera that impresses with a very, very noise-reduced image.

The SONY ExView II CCD sensor's Full Frame / Progressive Scan readout usually does not require a mechanical shutter. Still, with the ALccd-QHY 695A, you do not have to go without an (additional) mechanical shutter that allows you to create automated dark frames without having to cover the telescope. You can use the mechanical shutter for other applications, for example, if you integrate a long exposure and your guiding is very bad for a short time - with the closed shutter you then wait until your guide star is "quiet" again. The shutter has the shape of a butterfly and, thanks to its shape, significantly reduces the gradient during the closing and opening process.

The integrated design appeals to the user who wants everything included - camera, filter wheel and off-axis guider. The camera system includes all these components.

The off-axis guider is screwed directly to the housing of the camera system, so that you have a firm and torsion-proof adaptation. Due to the direct screw connection, the body dimension of the camera / filter wheel combination is only 10mm longer.

The integrated USB2.0 hub offers two USB outputs for additional accessories, as well as a dual USB / RS232 converter. These connectors allow you to connect an electric focuser, a guide camera and your mount. This reduces many and long cable connections, which experience has problems. If you have all peripherals connected to the camera system, then you only need a single USB cable from the camera to your PC.

For operation, the camera system requires a 12V power supply. The connection is screwable and stable connected to the power supply plug.

We offer the filter wheel for seven 36mm unmounted filters.

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