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ToupTek Camera EP3-2300-KMC Deep Sky Mono

Product no.: 53646
Manufacturer: ToupTek

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ToupTek Camera EP3-2300-KMC Deep Sky Mono
ToupTek Camera EP3-2300-KMC Deep Sky Mono
ToupTek Camera EP3-2300-KMC Deep Sky Mono
ToupTek Camera EP3-2300-KMC Deep Sky Mono
ToupTek Camera EP3-2300-KMC Deep Sky Mono
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Manufacturer's product description:

Highspeed colour / monochrome camera with super-fast readout and large sensor

Extended deep sky objects or vast lunar landscapes look fantastic. Large image format cameras normally require a long readout time - the time for an image to be completely transferred to the computer. But the new Touptek 2300 with its large 13.4mm diagonal chip can still acquire up to 120 frames per second. Images of such a large area in such a short time result in great overview photos or super-sharp planetary photos.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • high sensitivity camera with super-fast 120 frames per second.
  • freeze moments of good seeing to achieve sharp planetary and lunar photos
  • global shutter for fast and brilliant pictures
  • perfect for amateur astronomers who love wide fields of view, or for lunar photographers - IMX174 1/1.8" sensor - 5.86ìm pixel size and 1936x1216 resolution
  • USB 3.0

More fun with planets, the Moon, the Sun and even deep sky objects
This camera with a 1/1.8" IMX174 sensor is ideal for many objects. The sensor is so large that even extended subjects such as lunar landscapes and areas of the solar surface are possible. The IMX 174 is 3.5 times larger than a 1/3" sensor. How can one imagine this in practice? - for example: with an 8", 800mm focal length astrograph, the field of view is 0.41 degrees, and in a 4", 600mm focal length refractor it is 0.74 degrees.

This camera can also meet the challenge of deep sky objects - so you can go in search of nebulae or galaxies. An exposure time of up to 16 minutes is well suited for acquiring even faint deep sky objects. The sensor has been optimized for high sensitivity and low noise in order to produce even more impressive images.

Super-fast with global shutter
This shutter system allows the entire chip to be read out simultaneously at high speed. This is in contrast to the 'rolling shutter' design used in other cameras which reads out the chip line-by-line, which can lead to distortions. The Global Shutter System ensures higher image quality in addition to its speed - even moving objects now look clear and beautiful, and without any distortion effects.

Useful for

  • photos of the Sun and Moon
  • fast objects
  • when windy during the exposure
  • light vibrations
  • bad seeing

So next time you take a picture of the ISS space station, it will look exactly like it should look.

Included in the package - image acquisition and image editing software

Extensive software is included - with virtually everything an astrophotographer could wish for:

  • Live Image function
  • exposure settings
  • histogram
  • image acquisition and video functions
  • automatic Dark Subtraction
  • time-lapse image acquisition
  • image processing - stacking

Virtually everything you need is included in just one program, allowing you control of most of the image processing.

System requirements:

  • Windows 7, 8 or 10
  • Intel Core 2, 2.8GHz, 2GB memory, USB 2.0

Along with the camera, the drivers and cables required are included - to complete this convenient package.

Our expert comment:

Are you still looking for the right ToupTek camera?

- but don't really know which one you need? - selecting the right ToupTek camera is discussed in the blog article ToupTek - which camera is right for me? How to find out at a glance

(Marcus Schenk)

Software download: TOUPTEK Software

NGC 2392 Julian Zoller
M104 Julian Zoller
by Julian Zoller

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