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Camera G-1200-KMB Mono Guider

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Product description

Touptek monochrome guide camera

Planetary imaging and guiding camera from Touptek - the key to successful planetary photos

The Touptek 1200 is a highly sensitive planetary camera which can turn you into a successful planetary photographer. The heart of this camera is a sensitive and low-noise CMOS chip. An optimal launching pad for sharp and high-resolution planetary imaging. But this camera can also be used to guide via a guide star.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • highly sensitive Aptina Chip
  • large field of view and high 1.2 MP resolution
  • perfect tracking for astronomy photos - ST 4 autoguider port
  • software and drivers on CD-Rom
  • C-mount connection
  • up to 30 frames per second

Large field of view and high resolution

With a resolution of 1280x960 pixels, you can plot a course directly to the planets in our solar system. The wide field of view is ideal for sharp and wide-scale images of the lunar surface. Unlike normal entry-level cameras, this camera offers a much larger chip area.

A master among autoguiders

The sensitivity of the chip means this camera is perfect for autoguiding. Even if you can only find fainter stars in the immediate vicinity, it is simply no problem for the Touptek 1200. Just connect the camera to your mount via the built-in ST-4 port and you immediately have perfectly tracked exposures of galaxies and nebulae.

Included in the package - image acquisition and image editing software

Extensive software is included - with virtually everything an astrophotographer could wish for:

  • Live Image function
  • exposure settings
  • histogram
  • image acquisition and video functions
  • automatic Dark Subtraction
  • time-lapse image acquisition
  • image processing - stacking

Virtually everything you need is included in just one program, allowing you control of most of the image processing.

System requirements:

  • Windows 7, 8 or 10
  • Intel Core 2, 2.8GHz, 2GB memory, USB 2.0

Along with the camera, the drivers and cables required are included - to complete this convenient package.

Included in delivery:

  • camera
  • C-mount and 1.25" adapter with filter thread
  • CD-ROM with software and drivers
  • USB cable
  • ST-4 autoguider cable

Our expert comment:

Software download: TOUPTEK Software

For Autoguiding, we recommend the free and open source guiding software PHD2. ToupTek cameras now work natively with PHD2 without the need for ASCOM drivers. (when using Windows and since PHD2 version v2.6.6 or v2.6.5dev6)

Are you still looking for the right ToupTek camera?

- but don't really know which one you need? - selecting the right ToupTek camera is discussed in the blog article ToupTek - which camera is right for me? How to find out at a glance

(Marcus Schenk)



Sensor type
CMOS Chip (AR0130CS)
Size of chip (mm)
4,8 x 3,6
Pixel size
Colour camera
Resolution Photograph (Pixel)
Bit depth (Bit)
Min. exposure time
Max. exposure time (min)
Active cooling
Power supply
- (USB)
USB 2.0, ST-4
Supported operating systems
Windows 7/8/10
Connection (to the telescope)
Images per second
28 (at full resolution)
Reading noise
included in product contents
Operating temperature
-10°C - 50°C/30-80%RH
Chip - Diagonal (mm)


Filter wheel


Weight (g)

Area of application

Moon & Planets
Nebulae & galaxies
AllSky, Meteore

Recommended accessories

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*All prices include VAT plus shipping costs.

ToupTek Camera G-1200-KMB Mono Guider
The planet Jupiter
ToupTek Camera G-1200-KMB Mono Guider
The lunar crater Alphonsus (below) and Arzachel (above) with the Rupes Recta (right) in the Mare Nubium. Photographed using a ToupTek camera.

ToupTek Camera G-1200-KMB Mono Guider
Lunar crater
ToupTek Camera G-1200-KMB Mono Guider
Mars, taken with a Touptek GCMOS01200KPA camera and a 10" refractor. A lot of cloud can be seen on the red planet. Olympus Mons can be seen, with its summit poking out of the clouds.

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