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ToupTek Camera G3M-290-M Mono

Product no.: 55508
Manufacturer: ToupTek

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ToupTek Camera G3M-290-M Mono
ToupTek Camera G3M-290-M Mono
ToupTek Camera G3M-290-M Mono
ToupTek Camera G3M-290-M Mono
ToupTek Camera G3M-290-M Mono
ToupTek Camera G3M-290-M Mono
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Manufacturer's product description:

No blurry pictures ever again - high-speed camera using 126 frames per second

Did you know that planetary cameras could only acquire 30 frames per second even a few years ago? The patience you needed then to take good photos is now no longer required. Operating at 126 frames per second, this camera is one of the fastest in its class. Use it to your advantage to catch those rare moments of perfect seeing. The camera boasts high sensitivity in the IR range and low sensitivity in the UV.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • the all-round camera for planets, deep-sky and guiding
  • full HD 1936x1096 CMOS sensor for high-resolution photos (2.9ìm pixel size)
  • high sensitivity - no shadowing of the sensor surface, as is otherwise usual with CMOS chips
  • ST-4 auto-guider connection - system communicates directly with your mount
  • suitable for Microsoft Windows 7/8/10, complete with enclosed CD-ROM

Why this camera is a deep-sky 'professional'

The 1936x1096 pixels make this camera great for overview shots - whether that means a large area of ​​the lunar surface or an enormous deep-sky object. The camera is wonderful for countless nebulae, even though it is not cooled. The reason for this is ingenious - the CMOS sensor has an exceptionally high quantum efficiency of 77% at 533nm. This is possible thanks to the use of a back-illuminated sensor - the latest technology from Sony, which means the chip receives more light.

For planets - even down into the IR

The extremely low noise means your photos will show more detail and makes your shots clearer and more beautiful. So you can look forward to images of a Jupiter with masses of detail. But this Touptek camera keeps on going even beyond the visible spectrum - it can take photos of Venus in IR for example - a great project for any amateur astronomer.

A master among autoguiders

The sensitivity of the chip means this camera is perfect for autoguiding. Even if you can only find fainter stars in the immediate vicinity, it is simply no problem for the Touptek 1200. Just connect the camera to your mount via the built-in ST-4 port and you immediately have perfectly tracked exposures of galaxies and nebulae.

Included in the package - image acquisition and image editing software

Extensive software is included - with virtually everything an astrophotographer could wish for:

  • Live Image function
  • exposure settings
  • histogram
  • image acquisition and video functions
  • automatic Dark Subtraction
  • time-lapse image acquisition
  • image processing - stacking

Virtually everything you need is included in just one program, allowing you control of most of the image processing.

System requirements:

  • Windows 7, 8 or 10
  • Intel Core 2, 2.8GHz, 2GB memory, USB 2.0

Along with the camera, the drivers and cables required are included - to complete this convenient package.

Included in delivery

  • camera
  • C-mount threads
  • CD-ROM with software and drivers
  • USB cable
  • no built-in UV-IR filter

Our expert comment:

Are you still looking for the right ToupTek camera?

- but don't really know which one you need? - selecting the right ToupTek camera is discussed in the blog article ToupTek - which camera is right for me? How to find out at a glance

(Marcus Schenk)

For Autoguiding, we recommend the free and open source guiding software PHD2. ToupTek cameras now work natively with PHD2 without the need for ASCOM drivers. (when using Windows and since PHD2 version v2.6.6 or v2.6.5dev6)

Software download: TOUPTEK Software

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