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ZWO Camera ASI 174 MM Mono

Product no.: 46787
Manufacturer: ZWO

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ZWO Camera ASI 174 MM Mono
ZWO Camera ASI 174 MM Mono
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Product description:

The latest ZWO camera offers a much larger 13.4mm diagonal sensor than that in the very popular ASI120 camera.
The camera delivers 128 frames per second at full resolution (1936x1216 pixels) using fast USB 3.0. It is therefore ideally suited for imaging the Moon and planets - and, with a suitable filter, for the Sun. This camera also allows exposures of up to fifteen minutes - allowing the imaging of extremely faint objects.
It comes with everything you need to operate the camera - a range of connection options (2-inch, 1.25-inch and T-thread adapters (M42x0.75)), a two metre USB cable, an ST4 guider cable and a CD-ROM with all the required drivers.

Support resolutions using USB 3.0

12bit ADC:

  • 1936X1216 @128FPS
  • 640x480 @309FPS
  • 320x240 @577FPS
  • 2X2Bin: 968x608 @128FPS

10bit ADC:

  • 1936X1216 @ 164FPS
  • 640x480 @397FPS
  • 320x240 @740FPS
  • 2X2Bin: 968x608 @164FPS

(FPS = frames per second). Additional ROIs (Regions of Interest) can be freely selected.
The camera can also be operated using USB 2.0, but with significantly fewer images per second.

Software and drivers are available for free download on the manufacturer's website:

Comparison of ASI 174 and ASI 120 camera sensor sizes

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