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Camera ASI 294 MM Pro Mono

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Product description

ZWO ASI294MM Pro - cooled mono CMOS camera for many types of astrophotography.

ASI cameras stand for very good workmanship and have modern CMOS sensors built in. This versatile camera uses the modern back-illuminated Sony IMX492 sensor in Four-Thirds format.

The 4.63 µm pixels of the ZWO ASI294MM Pro make this camera an all-rounder with highest sensitivity for short exposure times in deep sky photography. Additionally, binning can be switched off, then the pixel size is only 2.32 µm, which increases the detail resolution - even planets can be photographed well this way.

Advantages and product features of the ASI 294 MM Pro Mono:

  • USB 3.0 for fast download - can also be operated with USB 2.0
  • DDR3 memory buffer for stable data transfer with USB2.0
  • Powerful Peltier cooling up to 35 °C below ambient conditions
  • Sensitive CMOS sensor with 23.2 mm diagonal - 11.7 megapixels
  • Good resolution due to 4.63 µm pixels
  • Switchable to 2.32 µm pixel size and 8288 x 5644 resolution
  • Supplied with AR clear glass filter - full transmission even in the infrared (If the IR is to be blocked, an IR blocking filter is required)
  • Distance T2 connection thread (internal thread) to camera sensor: 17.5 mm
  • Very high sensitivity - QE up to 90 % - ideal astronomy camera for faint objects
  • 14bit ADC
  • HCG mode - when gain (preamplification) is higher than 120 (12 dB), readout noise is reduced below 2 e-. Result: despite extremely high sensitivity you get low-noise images.
  • High Full Well Capacity - even bright stars no longer burn out, you get a better signal-to-noise ratio.

Camera application areas:

  • Deep sky imaging (nebulae and galaxies): Due to the high sensitivity, nebulae and galaxies are imaged even with short exposure times. The camera can be cooled down to 35 °C below ambient. This further reduces the already low noise.
  • Lunar and planetary imaging: Extremely short exposure times due to high sensitivity freeze air turbulence. Due to the high resolution of the sensor, many details can be imaged even at shorter telescope focal lengths. Video astronomy is also possible.

Important: external power supply necessary! Please note that all ZWO cameras with cooler must be connected to an external 12V power supply to work. Even if the cooler is not used, the power supply must be present for the camera to be reliably detected.



Sensor type
CMOS Chip (Sony IMX492)
Size of chip (mm)
19.1 x 13.0
Chip - Diagonal (mm)
Pixel size
Resolution Photograph (Pixel)
4144 x 2822
Bit depth (Bit)
Active cooling
USB 3.0 & USB 2.0
Connection (to the telescope)
1,25" & 2" & T2
Colour camera
Max. cooling difference below room temperature
Images per second
16,3 (at full resolution)
Reading noise
1,26 - 8
Full Well Capacity
Flange focal distance (mm)
6.5 / 17.5
Power supply
buffer memory (Megabyte)
Internal memory


Filter wheel


Weight (g)
ASI 294
Diameter (mm)
Length (mm)

Area of application

AllSky, Meteore
Moon & Planets
Nebulae & galaxies

Recommended accessories

Telescope accessories (1)
Power pack

ZWO External power supply, 12V 5A

$ 53.00*
Filters (2)
Blocking Filters

Omegon Blocking Filters 1.25''UV / IR cut-off filter

$ 79.00*
Astrophotography (3)

Artesky Adapter Canon to CMOS with Filter Drawer

$ 181.00*
Spectroscopy & Photometry (1)

Paton Hawksley Spectroscope Star Analyser 100

$ 200.00*
Media (1)

Springer Inside PixInsight

$ 26.90*

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ZWO Camera ASI 294 MM Pro Mono
ZWO Camera ASI 294 MM Pro Mono
Quantal efficiency
ZWO Camera ASI 294 MM Pro Mono
ZWO Camera ASI 294 MM Pro Mono
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