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ToupTek: beautiful photos for beginners and professionals

With a ToupTek camera, the door to photography opens for every amateur and expert. The manufacturer produces not just cameras, but also an all-in-one solution with software and a suitable adapter.

ToupTek has made a name for itself worldwide, thanks to the high quality of its products. There is a good reason for this success: the brand brings with it a high level of know-how from fields of research such as microscopy, medicine and industry.

With astronomical cameras from ToupTek you can expect:

  • low-noise and state-of-the-art CCD and CMOS chips
  • high sensitivity
  • cameras for planetary photography, deep sky and guiding
  • cameras forr fluorescence, life-cell-imaging, darkfield and brightfield

And you don't need to worry about software, it is already supplied with every camera. So that everyone can get going right away, and explore the universe through photography.

We are the main distributor for ToupTek in Europe. For you that means: we are in direct contact with the manufacturer and therefore offer you a first-class service.

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