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The Eagle series of computers centrally control the mount, focuser motor, dew heaters and the camera. Image data is quickly and securely stored on the Eagle controller. EAGLE eliminates the need to operate the telescope with a laptop or PC. This keeps the astrophotography set-up compact. But it gets even better: EAGLE creates its own WiFi, so that it can be used to wirelessly access all systems via a smartphone.
EAGLE not only controls, but also distributes the power from a single source to the individual appliances.

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Products 1 - 6 of 6
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EAGLE is part of the telescope!

As the Eagle computer has a high-quality aluminium housing, this housing can serve as a structural element of the mechanical system. For example, Eagle can be mounted between the telescope and the guide scope rings.

EAGLE is part of the telescope!

Comparison of the Eagle models

EAGLE not only offers a host of features for demanding astrophotographers, it also offers the performance of a high-quality computer. This allows you to use more complex software and have a high-quality future-proof system.

Comparison of the Eagle models
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