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Telescope accessories General Series

Eyepieces, cameras, mounts and more: the most important accessories, organized by brand.

Series by brand:


  • HPS
    HPS stands for High Precision and Speed, representing the essence of the latest 10micron mounts.


  • HDC
    Wide angle eyepieces with the best possible image geometry and colour defect correction!


  • Aspen
    Ideally suited to challenging astronomy and physical science imaging applications.


  • Foam Bag
    These bags are equipped with the foam insert of the original packaging.


  • MaxFR
    Filters for super-fast f/2 optics.
  • OIII 6nm CCD
    OIII oxygen line filter, for photographing large nebular regions.
  • OWB-CCD Type 3
    This filter converts astro-modified DSLR cameras to enable them to be used for terrestrial photography again.
  • ProPlanet 742
    Ideal filter for Moon and planetary photography using telescopes with an aperture of 150mm or greater.
  • SII 6nm CCD
    SII emission line filter, for photographing large nebulae.
  • UHC
    UHC filters increase contrast by suppressing disruptive light sources.



  • Horizon
    Very versatile camera with active cooling.
  • Infinity
    The ideal deep sky camera for SC optics on altazimuth mounts.


  • AstroSolar
    Filter foil for solar observing.
  • ClickLock
    Very stable clamping system for accessories.
  • Hyperion
    Very popular and incredibly inexpensive eyepieces.
  • Morpheus
    Eyepieces for observing and photography.
  • Narrowband
    Line filter with 6.5 nanometre full width at half maximum
  • Ultra-Narrowband
    Emission line filter with a very narrow full width at half maximum
  • f/2 Highspeed
    Filters for photography with fast optics between f/1.8 and f/3.5.
  • f/2 Ultra-Highspeed
    Emission line filter with very narrow full width at half maximum for extremely fast optical systems


  • Planet
    Very stable wood tripods with extremely good vibration damping.


  • NexImage
    Inexpensive planetary cameras for beginners.
  • Omni
    Inexpensive Plössl eyepieces, the ideal addition to every entry-level telescope.
  • Skyris
    High-quality planetary cameras from The Imaging Source.


  • Cemax
    Eyepieces and Barlow lenses, optimised for H-alpha solar telescopes.


  • P200
    Static pier with a load capacity of 60 kilograms.
  • S130
    Very stable tri-pier system with many possibilities.
  • SF 100
    Lens filter for observing the Sun in white light.


  • Deep Sky Astro
    Modern complete package with CMOS camera and plenty of accessories.



  • 5000 PWA series
    High-quality eyepieces with an 82° apparent field of view.
  • DSI IV
    All-purpose cameras for a very good price
  • LPI-G
    Cameras for lunar and planetary imaging and autoguiding
  • LPI-G
    Cameras for the photography of the Moon, Sun and planets, as well as for autoguiding
  • Series 4000
    Useful accessories for beginners and other observers with smaller telescopes.
  • Series 5000 HD-60
    HD-60 eyepieces with 60° apparent field of view and sharpness right to the edge.
  • Series 5000 UHD
    Inexpensive eyepieces with a large field of view and high edge-of-field sharpness.


  • Cronus
    Cronus eyepieces offer the observer significantly more quality and comfort than standard eyepieces.
  • Flatfield
    The Flatfield ED eyepieces offer a particularly flat field of view.
  • Flatfield ED
  • LE Planetary
    Omegon LE Planetary eyepieces offer a good contrast and 20mm eye relief for a pleasant observing experience.
  • Oberon
    Omegon Oberon are wide-angle eyepieces with an 82° field of view.
  • Ortho
    Omegon Ortho eyepieces are classics for planetary observation with very high field sharpness.
  • Panorama II
    Omegon Panorama II are modern 100° eyepieces with very good edge sharpness.
  • Plössl
    Omegon Plössl eyepieces are reasonably-priced alternatives to standard eyepieces.
  • Pro
    Omegon Pro products are particularly high-quality products for astronomers who want to get the most out of their observations.
  • Redline
    Omegon Redline: 70° wide angle lenses with 2" connector and camera thread.
  • Reticle
    Omegon crosshair eyepieces are suitable for the exact tracking of a mount for astrophotography.
  • Set
    Fully equipped eyepiece and accessory sets.
  • Super-Plössl
    Super Plössl eyepieces are classics for a price-conscious introduction to astronomy.
  • Uwa
    Omegon UWA eyepieces with 66° field of view at a reasonable price.
  • Zoom
    Omegon Zoom eyepieces in different quality levels, combining a range of magnifications in a single eyepiece.


  • Sirius
    Classic eyepiece design with a high-quality finish.


  • FocusCube
    Small but powerful focusing motors, which are controlled using a laptop or PC.


    The ultimate control unit for astrophotography.


  • Alpy
    The spectrograph for beginners.
  • Lhires III
    The most versatile and best spectrograph among the compact systems.
  • Lhires Lite
    A spectrograph, ideal for schools, associations and other educational institutions.
  • Lisa
    A fast spectrograph for experienced observers.
  • Occultation
    The complete system for observing occultations and eclipses.
  • eShel
    The semi-professional spectrograph for observatories.


  • EQ8
    Observatory-class mount from Skywatcher.
  • ExtraFlat
    High quality in a surprisingly compact design.
  • PanaView
    Perfect eyepieces for observing nebulae and open star clusters at low levels of magnification.
  • Planetary
    Affordable eyepieces with a short focal length for planetary observation.


  • Hyperstar
    With this accessory, the Celestron SC telescope becomes a Schmidt camera!


  • Bandmate Type-2
    High-quality filters that have been subject to a rigorous testing process.
  • DeLite
    High-quality eyepieces that are comfortable to use.
  • Ethos
    Very high-quality eyepieces with a large apparent field of view.
  • Everbrite
    Star diagonal with 99% surface reflection.


  • 365
    Weather-resistant protective covers for telescopes.


  • Advanced Polaris
    Small, but very high-quality mount, which is modularly expandable.
  • Porta
    Altazimuth single-arm mount with very solid mechanics.


  • CEM
    CEM stands for centre-balanced equatorial mount.
  • CEM60
    The ideal mount for a stationary pier or observatory.
  • iEQ45 Pro
    The mount for mobile astrophotographers.


  • Antireflex
    Special paint to eliminate reflections in optical devices.
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