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Glossary > Telescope accessories > General > Type of build

Glossary | Telescope accessories | General | Type of build

Amici prism

Erecting lens for terrestrial observation with a telescope.

Blocking filter

A very important part of the solar telescope system, which can only be used together with filters on the lens!

CLS broadband filter

CLS stands for city light suppression, which is the suppression of artificial light.

ED eyepiece

Eyepieces with an ED element, as seen in apochromatic binoculars.


The flattener is an additional lens to correct field curvature.

Guide scope rings

Brackets for small telescopes used for tracking control.


Guidescopes are small telescopes that are used to control tracking.


Inexpensive eyepieces for entry-level telescopes.

Line filter

Filters that allow only light in a specific spectral line to pass through.

Micro focuser

Accessory for better focusing

Mounts for system cameras

Brackets for connecting cameras with photographic lenses to astronomical mounts.

Narrow band UHC filters

UHC filters increase contrast by suppressing disruptive light sources.


These eyepieces offer a particularly flat field of view from the centre to the edge.

Pass filters

Filters with a pre-determined bandpass range

Planetary & comet filters

Colour and pass filters for assisting planetary observation and photography.


Inexpensive standard eyepieces, which are also included in the scope of supply of many telescopes.

Pole finder

Used to precisely align a mount to the celestial pole.

Rechargeable battery

A rechargeable battery can be recharged and re-used many times.


Eyepieces with an apparent field of view of between 60° and 70°.

Smartphone adapter

With this adapter, the smartphone becomes a simple planetary camera.


Increases the focal length and creates a parallel beam of light

Tripod accessories

Adapters, storage shelves and other useful tripod accessories.


Eyepieces with an apparent field of view of between 70° and 100°.


A standard measurement for prism rails and clamps, introduced by the manufacturer Vixen.


Eyepieces with an apparent field of view of 100° or more.

Zenith mirror

Provides a comfortable telescope viewing position.

Zoom eyepiece

Eyepiece with variable magnification.