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Glossary | Telescope accessories | General | Type


Adapters are used to connect accessories to the optic.

Binocular head

A binocular head allows you to observe through a telescope with both eyes.

Camera mount

Brackets for attaching a camera to the mount.

Dovetail clamp

With a dovetail clamp you can attach prism rails.

Erecting lenses

Telescopes with a focuser at the rear end require an erecting lens to ensure a comfortable viewing position.


Eyepieces are important accessories for every telescope.


The fan adjusts the temperature of the main mirror of a telescope to that of the environment.


No matter whether they are for observing or for astrophotography, filters are very important accessories.


Makes it easier to find celestial objects.

Flatteners, correctors, reducers

Additional optical elements that are useful for focal astrophotography.


Used to connect eyepieces, cameras or other accessories to the telescope.

Guiding accessories

Guiding is the tracking control of an astronomical mount.


Special covers for the telescope opening which aid astrophotography.

Power supply

Motorised astronomical mounts, cameras and other accessories require power.

Prism rail

Mounting rails for telescopes and accessories.

Radius blocks

They are used to attach flat bars to round telescope tubes.

Solar filters

Filters that are especially suitable for the safe observation of the Sun.

Transport & storage

Bags, cases, covers and other accessories to protect valuable equipment.