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  • Adapters
    Adapters are used to connect accessories to the optic.
  • Binocular head
    A binocular head allows you to observe through a telescope with both eyes.
  • Camera mount
    Brackets for attaching a camera to the mount.
  • Dovetail clamp
    With a dovetail clamp you can attach prism rails.
  • Erecting lenses
    Telescopes with a focuser at the rear end require an erecting lens to ensure a comfortable viewing position.
  • Eyepiece
    Eyepieces are important accessories for every telescope.
  • Fan
    The fan adjusts the temperature of the main mirror of a telescope to that of the environment.
  • Filters
    No matter whether they are for observing or for astrophotography, filters are very important accessories.
  • Finder
    Makes it easier to find celestial objects.
  • Flatteners, correctors, reducers
    Additional optical elements that are useful for focal astrophotography.
  • Focuser
    Used to connect eyepieces, cameras or other accessories to the telescope.
  • Guiding accessories
    Guiding is the tracking control of an astronomical mount.
  • Masks
    Special covers for the telescope opening which aid astrophotography.
  • Power supply
    Motorised astronomical mounts, cameras and other accessories require power.
  • Prism rail
    Mounting rails for telescopes and accessories.
  • Radius blocks
    They are used to attach flat bars to round telescope tubes.
  • Solar filters
    Filters that are especially suitable for the safe observation of the Sun.
  • Transport & storage
    Bags, cases, covers and other accessories to protect valuable equipment.
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