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Telescope accessories General Series Hyperion

Very popular and incredibly inexpensive eyepieces.

The Hyperion series of eyepieces are the ideal addition to any telescope. Most telescopes are supplied with simple eyepieces, which do not make the most of the telescope’s capabilities and quickly spoil the fun of observing the night sky. Hyperion eyepieces are intricately constructed of 8 lenses in 5 groups, and offer a very comfortable viewing experience, with a useful 68° apparent field of view, high colour fidelity, and sharpness right up to the edge of the image.

Beginners have fun with their telescope right from the start with Hyperion eyepieces, experienced observers appreciate the eyepieces’ ease of use during long nights!

A special feature of Hyperion eyepieces: they can be used for photography! Hyperion eyepieces have a variety of adaptor options, with which a camera can be attached to the eyepiece!

The zoom eyepiece from the Hyperion series is particularly noteworthy: Hyperion Universal Mark IV. It is without doubt one of the best zoom eyepieces on the market. This zoom eyepiece is especially useful for working with the public in an observatory. Novice observers have no difficulty with the viewing position. The magnification can be adjusted according to the object and the seeing without changing the eyepiece.

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