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Product no.: 2289

2x Barlow lense, achromatic, 1.25"

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  • Solid metal housing
  • Full multi-coated lens surfaces

Product description

Omegon Barlow Lens - Standard for Your Eyepiece Case

The Omegon Barlow lens increases the focal length of your telescope which offers you two different applications:

  • increasing the magnification of your eyepiece
  • webcam imaging

Increasing the magnification

The Omegon 2x/3x Barlow lens trebles the magnification when used together with an eyepiece. The 1.25" eyepiece is simply inserted into the Barlow lens and secured with the side locking screw. You then insert the complete assembly into the focuser. For example, if you normally get 20X magnification with your eyepiece, this is then increased to 40X with the Omegon 2x Barlow lens or 60X with the 3x Barlow lens. If you want to initially do without having to acquire a complete set of eyepieces, then this Barlow lens fits the bill.

Focal length and webcam
You increase the focal length of your telescope with the Omegon Barlow lens but also simultaneously increase the image scale of the object. When you first put a webcam designed for planet photography into a telescope you notice just how miniscule the planets are imaged. The Omegon Barlow lens increases the focal length, thereby increasing a planet's image size. Only now you can you start to make out details on a planet's disc. A must for planet imaging!

A lens that excels
The Omegon Barlow lens has an achromatic doublet which provides a good image to start with. In addition, green multi-coating then ensures the reduction of any unwanted reflections. Even at first glance one can see that this relatively inexpensive Barlow lens has been manufactured to a very high quality. No plastics have been used, as is the case with some other lenses - the housing is entirely metal. The field lens has a large diameter of 25mm. The weight of this Barlow lens is not a factor, as it does not even weigh one hundred grams, and it is also very compact.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • achromatic Barlow lens, 1.25"
  • increases eyepiece magnification
  • suitable for webcam imaging
  • reflections suppressed: multi-coating
  • robust metal housing
  • side locking screw for securing in place
  • only 95g in weight and 93mm long



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Barlow Lens
Omegon 2x Barlow lense, achromatic, 1.25"

Customer reviews

Excellent for an amateur telescope - tested with the SkyMax-102

Review by copernico on 08.07.2018 15:05:47

( 5 / 5 )

A 2X Barlow lens should double the eyepiece's magnification, provided this value does not exceed the maximum one rated for the telescope.
Some users complain that low-price Barlows yield a poor sharpness, while others report that high-quality Barlows actually improve the image.
I inserted this Barlow lens in my SkyMax-102 telescope with the 25mm eyepiece: I got an excellent image (watching both Jupiter and Saturn) with twice the magnification of the 25mm, and very good sharpness.

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