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Levenhuk Schwimmgurt

Product no.: 59733
Manufacturer: Levenhuk

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Levenhuk Schwimmgurt
Levenhuk Schwimmgurt
Levenhuk Schwimmgurt
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Product description:

Levenhuk FS10 Floating Strap is an indispensable accessory for observations close to the water. If your binoculars or your camera accidentally drop into a river or lake, this strap will not let them sink – the floating strap will stay on the surface of the water, indicating the device's location.

This textile strap is designed for the observer to wear the binoculars, camera or any other similar device on the shoulder. It is long, wide and convenient, especially during long walking tours. The main feature of this strap is that it does not sink – getting into the water, it stays floating on the water’s surface. This strap, when attached to an optical device, will keep it from sinking or floating away.

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