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i-Nova CS-L cooling system for PlxCam cameras

Product no.: 45421
Manufacturer: i-Nova

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Product description:

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With this set you equip your PLxCam on to a cooled astro camera.

  • The figure shows the case of a iNova camera with active cooling.
  • The conversion can be made only by the manufacturer. Please send us your camera for this one. We encourage the conversion for you.
  • The specified price includes the cooling set and the cost of the conversion. Shipping and handling are not included. Please just contact us.

The Peltier cooling reduces the temperature to 30 ° C. This dramatically reduces noise, enabling shooting with an exposure time of several minutes. So you can penetrate into the world of galaxies and nebulae!

In addition to the Peltier cooling, the set includes an aluminum case for heat dissipation, a fan and the control electronics.

Not included is the power supply (12V DC). You see "recommended accessories".

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Right of return up to January 31 2022!