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Product no.: 46068

Enhanced Dual-Axis Motor Drive for EQ5 Mount

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Product description

Now With Multi-Speed Handset and ST4 Autoguider Interface

This dual axis motor drive with Sky-Watcher’s new enhanced hand controller is essential in long-exposure astrophotography as well as a useful accessory for visual astronomy. It precisely controls the telescopes’ tracking speed to compensate for the earth's rotation during long exposure of celestial objects.

The new enhanced handset has an ST4 interface for an Auto-Guider, such as Sky-Watcher’s Synguider. Features selectable SOLAR, LUNAR and SIDEREAL tracking rates, plus additional selectable adjustment rates of 0.5x, 2x and 16x. Also the hand controller has a convenient facility to invert the direction of the UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT handset keys, so you can have the same directions on the handset as you see through your telescope. Designed for use in both north and south hemispheres.

The DC motor drive runs on 4 "D" cell batteries (not included). Motors for both R.A. and DEC axes, motor cables, enhanced hand controller and battery pack are included.

Our expert comment:

It is easy to check whether the controls are receiving signals during autoguiding: The control light on the hand-held control panel glows green during guiding.

(Benjamin Mirwald)



Motor speeds
0,5x, 2x, 16x
Appropriate for...
EQ-5 mount
Tracking speeds
solar, lunar, sideral

Special features

Autoguider interface
Tracking on DEC axis
Tracking on RA axis
Switch between northern / southern hemispheres


Battery type
Mono (D, LR20)

Recommended accessories

Astrophotography (1)

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Miscellaneous (1)

Varta Size D batteries, 'High Energy', pack of 2

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Skywatcher Enhanced Dual-Axis Motor Drive for EQ5 Mount

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