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Polar Illuminator for EQ-3-2 and EQ-5 Mounts

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Product description

This battery operated LED illuminator easily attaches to the exit hole of the polar axis bore of both the EQ3-2 and EQ5 Equatorial Mounts. Provides illumination to the polarscope reticule. A useful aid to the polar alignment procedure. Adjustable light intensity. Battery supplied.

Our expert comment:

This polar finder illumination is made of plastic. We recommend a more stable polar finder lighting made of metal. The Omegon polar finder light for MiniTrack LX2, LX3, LX Quattro and EQ mounts with light unit has more longevity and is less prone to errors. It fits the LXD75, LXD85, Mintrack, EQ-3-2, NEQ3, NEQ5, EQ-5, Vixen-GP and AVX, among others.

(Bernd Gährken)


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Skywatcher Polar Illuminator for EQ-3-2 and EQ-5 Mounts
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