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10 Micron GM 2000 QCI 'Monolith' GoTo mount (equatorial head only)

Product no.: 25295
Manufacturer: 10 Micron

$ 11,800.00

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10 Micron GM 2000 QCI  'Monolith' GoTo mount (equatorial head only)
10 Micron GM 2000 QCI  'Monolith' GoTo mount (equatorial head only)
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Product description:

There's not the slightest doubt! This 'Italian beauty' has it all! An extremely robust, high-precision mechanism combined with highly developed electronics and software leave nothing to be desired for the ambitious astrophotographer! Professional mechanical engineering level drive technology ensures high precision tracking with no free gear play - ensuring a guaranteed average error of <+/-3 arc seconds. Thanks to an iterative process, the mount can be positioned so precisely in just a few minutes that deep sky astrophotography is possible even without guiding using short focal length astrographs. Tripods and Baader counterweights for GM 2000 QCI / GM 4000 QCI can be found on the accessories page.

QCI electronic control

10Micron is the only manufacturer who provides its mounts with 'stand-alone' electronics, meaning no laptop/PC is necessary. The AMD microprocessor control provides LINUX firmware for the hand controller to provide comprehensive functionality. For example, a similar function to 'T-Point' for extreme positioning accuracy in the range of arc seconds. Computing and tracking comets and satellite orbits without a PC is no problem! The extensive internal database is being constantly expanded and can be updated via the Internet. The controller can be upgraded to the new QCI V2.7 firmware.


The GM 2000 QCI is produced in two versions - as a stationary ('monolith') mount, or as a portable version with a quick-release coupling between the declination and right ascension axes ('Ultraport'). As a result, no part of the mount weighs more than 15kg - a huge advantage if you still want it to be portable. In addition, there all the necessary accessories are available - e.g. a transport case suitable for air travel, a tripod bag, as well as attachment plates and prism clamps for (almost) all dovetail systems.


Choose between an extrovert fire red, an intense deep sky blue or a more reserved stainless steel grey. The quality remains the same regardless of which version you choose.

Delivery time for the GM 2000 QCI is about 2 months. The standard colour is Stainless Steel Grey. Ferrari Red or Deep Sky Blue are available on request but may require a longer delivery time. 100kg steel columns in any desired height and matching flanged heads are available at extra cost if you intend using a fixed installation in an observatory. Just ask us and we will advise you!

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