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10 Micron Mount GM 1000 HPS GoTo

Product no.: 25288
Manufacturer: 10 Micron

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10 Micron Mount GM 1000 HPS GoTo
10 Micron Mount GM 1000 HPS GoTo
10 Micron Mount GM 1000 HPS GoTo
10 Micron Mount GM 1000 HPS GoTo
10 Micron Mount GM 1000 HPS GoTo
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Product description:

Please note that this product desciption was translated by a computer. For more information please contact our english speaking customer service.

The GM 1000 HPS achieves a satellite tracking and positioning speed of 15 ° / s with an average positioning accuracy <20 "and a tracking accuracy of approx. 1" / 15min (peak to peak).

The GM 1000 HPS is a further development of the well-known GM 2000 QCI of 10micron with the same tried and tested mechanics! The new GM 1000 HPS also has highly accurate absolute encoders on both axes, which opens up completely new possibilities. The homing is omitted, the mount never loses the orientation, even if one moves the axes by hand. Even after a power failure, no new alignment is necessary. In mobile operation, mounting is quicker and easier to set up than any conventional parallactic mount. During fixed installation in a star control room, remote operation ensures that the alignment is not lost.

The most important thing: thanks to the absolute encoders, positioning and tracking accuracies are possible under a bogging license without autoguiding - without having to buy this comfort by the disadvantages of a directly driven (torque) mounting! The two-axis tracking allows tracking even if the positioning is not exact and also corrects the atmospheric refraction. The GM 1000 HPS is also suitable for satellite tracking thanks to the high slew speed of 20 ° / s

Thanks to the integrated Linux processor, everything is controllable without external PC via hand controller!

The HPS series: Real precision for your astronomical future Unguided photography, satellite tracking, high-precision spectroscopy Searching for exoplanets - even with mobile equipment!

GM 1000 HPS: ~ 25kg load bearing capacity

GM 2000 HPS: ~ 50kg load bearing capacity

GM 3000 HPS: ~ 100kg load bearing capacity

GM 4000 HPS: ~ 150kg load bearing capacity


  • Self-locking, highly precise screw drive with classic slip couplings
  • Servo DC motors with high performance - no engine bay with imbalance)
  • GM 1000 HPS with ultraportable, high-precision encoders for mobile stand alone operation
  • Internal cabling - no external motor cable


  • Absolute encoder on the RA and DEC axis with more than 10 million increments (interpolated), fully encapsulated and calibrated
  • Up to 0.5 "RMS tracking accuracy - for long exposures without guiding!
  • Satellite tracking speed up to 20 degrees per second!
  • Extremely low energy consumption, small electronics box (20x15x8cm)
  • The electronics (box and hand controller) can be easily removed after each use. This prevents damages due to premature aging and moisture.


  • Fully automatic correction of atmospheric refraction - the only way for perfect long-term exposures without guiding
  • Intuitive V 2 firmware and QSI controller, Linux-based computer system including AMD microprocessor
  • Accurate GoTo - thanks to the multistar alignment method and pointing models. Reading of satellite and comet paths from web directories possible. Individual programmability of multiple observation sessions
  • Very well documented firmware, instructions in German and English language
  • Autonomous working without planetary software, stand-alone with hand controller operated
  • With connection possibilities (LAN, RS) for remote control via any common planetarium program
  • Electronic balancing - without opening the axes (Pointing model is retained)
  • Accurate, fast and extremely precise polar alignment thanks to state-of-the-art software alignment procedures


  • Mount GM 1000 with highly accurate absolute encoders
  • Motor control box with Linux processor for self-sufficient use
  • Latest QCI software (version 2.x)
  • Electric wire
  • Counterweight bar
  • Professional 4-line stand-alone hand control
  • Tripod / column flange
  • Standard top plate for GM1000
  • Shipping box with molded foam insert

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