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DayStar QUARK H-alpha filter, prominences

Product no.: 44774
Manufacturer: DayStar

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DayStar QUARK H-alpha filter, prominences
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Manufacturer's product description:

Daystar Instruments QUARK is the first Hydrogen Alpha "Eyepiece"

This new, All-In-One design marries high quality components of a telecentric barlow, adapters, snouts and hydrogen alpha filter into one simple assembly. Through design efficiency and optimization, now users can enjoy the known high quality optics of DayStar at an affordable price.

QUARK is available in a choice of "prominence" or "chromosphere"

Best performance for use on refractors of F/4 to F/9. You don't need to worry about configurations. Just insert in your diagonal, add an eyepiece and view. Full disk viewing possible on refractors up to 450mm focal length refractors.

The QUARK contains a custom Daystar Instruments 4.2X telecentric barlow lens fully optimized in coatings and optical design specifically for the Hydrogen Alpha wavelength. This highly specialized telecentric lens offers superior field flatness.

Exact filter bandpass will vary based on final telescope application, so QUARK assemblies are qualified to show either prominence or surface (chromosphere). No specific FWHM bandpass is designated. Now observers can buy a filter based on their desired observing goals instead of their budget: Choose prominences and surface (Chromosphere) detail.

The fully optimized design eliminates the need for any adapters. It's all combined in one lightweight eyepiece sized device. The new, compact design configuration eliminates unnecessary components, weight and associated costs. Baffles have been added to increase contrast and AR coatings are optimized for the 656nm wavelength.

Our expert comment:

The quality of H-alpha filters is subject to relatively large production-related inconsistencies. We therefore check every filter with the Sun after receiving the filters - so you can be sure to receive a really good filter from us.

(Stefan Taube)

The H-alpha eyepiece with mirror star diagonal looks like this. The QUARK is not much larger, or heavier, than a normal eyepiece.

Example image 2

Example image 1

The optical design of the QUARK H-alpha attachment with blocking filter, telecentric Barlow lens and etalon filter.

Simply plug QUARK into your refractor's star diagonal in the same way as for an eyepiece. You can then plug an eyepiece of your choice into the QUARK itself. A UV/IR energy rejection filter is recommended for protection when using refractors of over 80mm in aperture.

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