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Product no.: 62880

Solarquest AZ Mount Head only

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Tripod <p> Price
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Product description

This Solarquest model is supplied without a tripod and tripod adapter. You can easily attach the mount to an already existing stable camera tripod.

Altazimuth GoTo mount for solar observing - It couldn't be simpler!

Skywatcher's clever and innovative SolarQuest™ mount is extremely user-friendly and makes solar tracking when using a solar telescope particularly easy by automatically finding and tracking the Sun.

Just set up the tripod to be fairly level and point the solar telescope somewhat to the left of the Sun, Skywatcher's revolutionary solar observing HelioFind™ technology will then do the rest! By pressing just a single button, the telescope is then levelled and the mount calculates the altitude and azimuth of the Sun with the help of GPS data, based on the local time and observing site. The telescope is then slewed to the required elevation and the mount begins to search for the Sun in a clockwise direction. The solar sensor detects the Sun and ensures that it subsequently remains in the eyepiece's field of view (tracking).

The Solarquest is easy to transport and quiet in operation.

The mount is battery operated. But using a power supply is also possible - DC 12V, tip positive.

A great help for observing sunspots, solar eclipses, surface details on the Sun and solar transits of the inner planets!

Our expert comment:

Combine this mount with a small refractor, such as Omegon Apochromatic refractor Pro APO AP 66/400 ED OTA. In the refractor accessories you will also find suitable mirror star diagonals and eyepieces - if not already available with your equipment. Protected by the Baader AstroSolar telescope solar filter, 65mm filter, you can then safely view the Sun in white light.

But it gets even better - combine your refractor and Solarquest mount plus a [cms://shop/p_id =44775""] or a DayStar QUARK Calcium-H-Line filter to safely observe the active Sun in H-alpha or calcium H light. There is always something going on with the Sun at these spectral lines!

Of course you can also use the refractor for uses other than solar observing. All-in-all, you get a highly versatile modular system at a relatively low price!

(Stefan Taube)



Max. additional load capacity (kg)
Mounting saddle
Motor type
Drive type
Worm wheel

Special features

GoTo system
Thread for camerarecording


Tripod <p>
without tripod
Accessory plate
Battery included
Power pack


Total weight (kg)
Type of build


Battery type
Mignon (AA, LR6)

Recommended accessories

Solar Observation (2)

DayStar QUARK Calcium-H-Line

$ 1,500.00*
Miscellaneous (1)

Varta Professional Mignon (AA) lithium batteries, pack of 4

$ 13.90*

*All prices include VAT plus shipping costs.

Skywatcher Solarquest AZ Mount Head only
Skywatcher Solarquest AZ Mount Head only
Skywatcher Solarquest AZ Mount Head only

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