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Eyepiece Morpheus 76° Set

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Product description

More about the series Morpheus...

This set consists of:

Morpheus is the God of Dreams and also lends his name to the eyepiece of your dreams

Dive into the Universe with a 76° true visual field. The large inter-pupillary distance, which is also suitable for glasses wearers, and comfortable insight make you feel like you are taking a stroll through outer space. The field is not artificially inflated or distorted! The central image clarity is unrivalled amongst planetary eyepieces and you can see sharp stars right up to the edge of the visual field, even on fast-aperture telescopes.

Additional optical features:

  • Minimal distortion: The Morpheus’ optical design delivers exceedingly low distortion (angular magnification distortion). This means the Moon and the planets are not distorted when they travel through the image field and the visual field is close to its theoretical value - and that is not an exaggeration: Just compare the Morpheus’ 76° apparent field of view with the visible area of sky. You will see that the view corresponds fully with what you would expect given the focal length and the apparent field of view.
  • Spacewalk effect: Total immersion in the universe - the spacewalk effect - does not occur with all eyepieces. Some 82° eyepieces feel constricting whereas others, even those with smaller visual fields, can make you feel as though you are standing amongst the stars. Two factors are important in this, namely the inter-pupillary distance and comfortable eye relief without any kidney bean effect. Morpheus eyepieces are optimised to provide a spacewalk effect. Even when used on binocular attachments, you get the feeling of being fully immersed in the action.
  • Phantom Coating® Group: Phantom Group’s multi-coating, which was introduced alongside the Hyperion eyepieces, was further optimised for the Morpheus eyepieces and tailored to the various different types of glass.
  • Optimised apertures: Like all Baader eyepieces, the apertures inside are optimised using in order to effectively eliminate scattered light.

Mechanical features:

  • Lightweight construction: The eyepieces are built to be sturdy while saving as much weight as possible, not least to enable them to be used on a bino-viewer. The heaviest parts of the Morpheus are the lens groups - its protective, waterproof casing is made to be as lightweight as possible.
  • Folding eye cups: A metal ring with an M43 thread is built into the folding eye cups. This makes it possible to have a soft and supple eye cup which can also be securely screwed onto the eyepiece. The second eye cup has a side hood to protect against scattered light and is predominantly designed for use on binoculars. Both were developed to provide optimum comfort and inter-pupillary distance for the majority of observers, including wearers of glasses, and protect the aforementioned M43 thread. The M43 extension also helps to set the inter-pupillary distance as well as connecting it to cameras with M43 threads.
  • Safety features: The 1.25” and 2” sockets have the new Baader anti-slip safety kerfs. This creates a perfect trade-off between smooth sockets and conventional, wide safety grooves. Numerous small notches create multiple stopping places for when smooth eyepieces start slipping, and also avoid problems such as tilting, which can occur with unfortunately placed safety grooves. And there is a large rubber ring with a crosshatch pattern to provide a secure hold when holding the eyepiece in your hand.
  • Photo/video adaptation: Every Morpheus has a hidden M43 thread for connecting Baader Hyperion M43/T2 rings (see “Recommended Accessories”). This means that almost any good camera can be directly and securely connected to the eyepiece with as small as gap as desired in order to avoid vignetting.

Every Morpheus wide-angle eyepiece can be attached to either an 1.25” focuser or a 2” focuser. They feature luminescent writing detailing the focal length so that you can quickly change eyepieces without needing to use a torch. The holster bag with carry strap protects the eyepiece and can also be used as a waist bag or attached to the tripod.



Apparent field of view (°)
Connection (to the telescope)
Coating of optical system

Special features

inert gas charge
Adjustable eyepiece cup
Filter thread


Type of build
Eyepiece set

Recommended accessories

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Carry case

Oklop Carry case for accessories

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Baader Eyepiece Morpheus 76° Set
Baader Eyepiece Morpheus 76° Set
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