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Further information about Baader Planetarium

Further information about Baader Planetarium

It all began with a school planetarium that Claus Baader had developed for educational purposes. Born in 1924 in Schliersee in Upper Bavaria, Claus Baader completed his training as a journalist after graduating from high school in Augsburg and became a successful photographer. The idea of ​​developing a planetarium came from the endless questions his son Thomas asked him. Finally, in 1966, the Baader School Planetarium, which was 50 centimetres in diameter, appeared on the market. The company Baader-Planetarium company was founded In Munich especially for its production.

The expertise of Baader-Planetarium in the manufacture of glass-fibre and polyester projection domes, together with their intense interest in astronomy, consequently led to them to take the step from planetarium manufacture to producing astronomical observatories. The move from Munich to nearby Mammendorf enabled the establishment of a large workshop there.

As Baader-Planetarium offers turnkey observatories, this means that the company works closely with other producers of high quality astronomy products. So it is not surprising that Baader Planetarium is also a primary importer of renowned brands. But Baader-Planetarium is also constantly developing its own range of astronomical accessories. Most amateur astronomers know of Baader-Planetarium mainly due to their extensive range of astronomical accessories.

The company’s founder, Claus Baader, died in 1995. The International Astronomical Union has named minor planet 5658 clausbaader in his honour. Baader-Planetarium remains a family business today.

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