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Explore Scientific Eyepiece 82° LER AR 6.5mm 1.25"

Product no.: 62358
Manufacturer: Explore Scientific

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This product is available in the following variants:
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4,5 $ 183.00
6,5 $ 183.00
8,5 $ 183.00
Explore Scientific Eyepiece 82° LER AR 6.5mm 1.25"
Explore Scientific Eyepiece 82° LER AR 6.5mm 1.25"
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Product description:

LER eyepieces from Explore Scientific’s 82° range expand their range of argon-filled and waterproof eyepieces through models with especially large pupillary distances. Glasses wearers often have the problem that, when using eyepieces with shorter focal lengths, they cannot view the whole visual field. This problem is now a thing of the past. The foldable silicone eyecups provide optimal user comfort, with or without glasses.

These eyepieces are exceptional flat field eyepieces which will change your viewing experience. Patented EMD tempering provides high contrast and prevents disruptive reflections. A major advantage of these eyepieces is the exceptionally high image definition, which is clearly noticeable when observing planets and the Moon.

High-performance eyepieces with short focal lengths (large magnifications) of 3mm to 10mm are not only used for observing the Moon, planets and binary stars, but also for bright, compact deep sky objects. You will not only be impressed with the size of planetary nebulae or globular clusters, but also with the very dark background sky, as the effective contrast increases at increasing magnifications. In order that a clear image be captured at high magnifications, good to very good atmospheric conditions are also required.

With a highly corrected apparent visual field of 82°, these eyepieces offer exceptional quality. Thanks to the argon gas filling, internal fogging is effectively prevented, and there is no need to worry about dust, lens fungus or cleaning fluids infiltrating. The eyepieces are fitted with a watertight seal. This guarantees many years of unquantifiable observation joy using these high-quality eyepieces. The Explore Scientific 82° LER series stands for the highest level of comfort and quality, paired with an exceptional price-performance relationship.

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