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Eyepiece Ethos 17mm 2"

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Product description

More about the series Ethos...

TeleVue is known for its in-house eyepiece and telescope designs by Al Nagler; our latest eyepieces brings new meaning to the term "in-house." The concept for this eyepiece series was proposed by Tele Vue President David Nagler, with performance parameters giving it the fundamental characteristics (the ethos) of a Tele Vue eyepiece: high contrast, comfortable eye relief and full field sharpness. Control of astigmatism, field curvature, lateral color, angular magnification distortion correction, and low pupil sensitivity for daytime use were specified criteria.

While sharpness is inherent to the optical design, contrast is maximized through the intelligent use of flat finished baffles and ultra low reflectance, high efficiency coatings tuned to the composition of each element.

The field area of this new eyepiece is more than 50% larger than an 82° field. The TeleVue Ethos is essentially multiple eyepieces, delivering the true field size of a longer focal length, narrower apparent field eyepiece with the benefits of higher power and darker sky background.

Our expert comment:

Tip: You can find all important information at a glance in our infographic, Your telescope needs these three eyepieces! You can find a comprehensive overview in our buyers guide [cms://shop/i_id=1617 "The big buyers guide: The best eyepiece for every telescope”]



Focal length (mm)
Apparent field of view (°)
Connection (to the telescope)
Coating of optical system

Special features

Adjustable eyepiece cup
- (folding)
Filter thread
inert gas charge


Weight (g)
Length (mm)
Type of build

Recommended accessories

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Carry case

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TeleVue Eyepiece Ethos 17mm 2"
TeleVue Eyepiece Ethos 17mm 2"

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