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Three-Fan Cooling System for Convex-Back Dobsonians

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Product description

The fans reduce the waiting time until the main mirror reaches thermal equilibrium with the air. In addition to adapting to the outside temperature, a fan also prevents the formation of a warm layer of air over the mirror during observation, which has a positive effect on the contrast of the image.

This cooling fan mounts directly onto the rear cell of the Celestron StarSense Explorer 10” Dobsonian and works with any USB power source (portable power banks, AC wall adapters, and more).

The USB Cooling Fan is compatible with many other third-party Dobsonians and Newtonian Reflectors that have a compatible fan mount (four M4 x 0.7 threaded holes in a square pattern with holes spaced 71.5mm apart).

Our expert comment:

There is no fan for the 8-inch Dobsonian of this telescope series. However, this is not necessary for the relatively small mirror with a diameter of 200mm.

(Stefan Taube)



Input voltage
Amperage (A)
USB Type A
Appropriate for telescopes
Celestron 254/1200 DOB


Carrying bag



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Celestron Three-Fan Cooling System for Convex-Back Dobsonians
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Celestron Three-Fan Cooling System for Convex-Back Dobsonians

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