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Reducer 0.63x / Corrector

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Product description

This combination focal reducer and field corrector lens accessory works with all Celestron 5", 8", 9 1/4", 11" and 14" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. This clever accessory makes it possible to have a dual focal ratio instrument, without sacrificing image quality. The Reducer/Corrector is f/6.3 for C5, C8, C9¼ and C11 telescopes and f/7 for the C14 telescope.

If offers wide fields of view with any Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. Used for astrophotography, it reduces exposure time by a factor of 3.

Celestron doesn’t offer a f/6.3 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope, because the design is impractical, with a large central obstruction, and resulting loss in contrast. This, added to the inability to utilize longer focal ratios for certain objects, led Celestron to design the four-element, fully multicoated f/6.3 Reducer/Corrector. Results are amazing both visually and photographically.



Number of lenses
Connection (to the telescope)
SC thread
Connector (at camera end)
SC thread
Focal length reduction
Appropriate for...
Self-focal length (mm)
Usable for visual observation
Fully Corrected Field (mm)


Flatteners, Correctors, Reducers
Type of build
Weight (g)

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Celestron Reducer 0.63x / Corrector

Customer reviews

Review by anonymous on 18.02.2016 22:53:50

( 5 / 5 )

This is a must have for photography and also fits the Celestron OTA (I was told they are manufactured in the same factory, but are a bit cheaper than their Celestron counterparts). To test its sharpness I looked at the Pleiades star cluster (with and without the lens) and the results are great.

Focal Reducer

Review by m. r. on 25.09.2012 14:06:30

( 4 / 5 )

The focal reducer makes the instrument more versatile, visually and photographically, without introducing optical problems.
It is a little difficult to screw in the dark especially on the side of the eyepieces and lenses are particularly vulnerable. So be careful not to scratch the lens or strip the threads.
In conclusion, it seems to me a great accessory for the SCT.
Best regards.

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