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Product no.: 12140

0.5X focal reducer with 2” filter thread

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Product description

0.5x Reducer - 2" - for visual observation & photography - focal reduction

The TS Optics 0.5x focal reducer reduces the focal length by 50% and doubles the field of view. This advantage can be used visual and also photographically.

The adaptation:
The reducer is easily screwed into the 2" filter thread of a photo adapter or an eyepiece.

TS Optics is a brand of Teleskop-Service.

Our expert comment:

This reducer gives a poor quality image in many telescopes. It is especially unsuitable for all SC and Maksutov models. It is better to use the equipment specifically designed for Meade and Celestron telescopes!

(Bernd Gährken)



Connection (to the telescope)
Focal length reduction
Usable for visual observation
Connector (at camera end)
Extension of focal length
Self-focal length (mm)
Appropriate for...
Long focal length refractors, Schmidt-Cassegrains, Maksutov-Cassegrains
Optical length (mm)


Flatteners, Correctors, Reducers
Type of build

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TS Optics 0.5X focal reducer with 2” filter thread
TS Optics 0.5X focal reducer with 2” filter thread

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