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Deluxe 10X microscope eyepieces

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Product description

Microscope deluxe eyepiece - the next level in crystal clear observing

Their particularly high contrast allows Omegon deluxe eyepieces to let you see minute and fine details in the objects you are observing. They are a great addition to older or basic eyepieces. Upgrade your instrument now - the optics make all the difference!

The advantages in a nutshell

  • for clear view - the eyepieces are multi-coated to stop reflections
  • suitable for all microscopes with 30mm barrels
  • extra-large field of view - wide angle eyepieces

Wide angle - for convenient observing
Four lens elements in three groups - this eyepiece provides a particularly clear view of objects you are observing. And what's more - you can enjoy a huge field of view. So no 'tunnel effect', but rather a field of view that allows you to see a large part of the object you are observing.

Dioptre compensation -precise focusing for both eyes
The right and left eyes are different with most people. So these eyepieces have dioptre compensation that lets you see sharply with both eyes. Simply turn the easy to move adjuster and you will soon be descending into realms which are invisible to most people.

These eyepieces are rightly described as 'deluxe'. See for yourself!

Included in delivery

  • 1 eyepiece


Omegon Deluxe 10X microscope eyepieces
Omegon Deluxe 10X microscope eyepieces

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