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Glossary | Binoculars | Area of application

The areas of application help you to choose the right binoculars for your purpose.

Maybe you take your binoculars with you for hiking, sailing or to the theatre. Take a stroll in the firmament across the Milky Way, identify birds at the feeder or spotting game while hunting - with the area of application you can limit the selection of binoculars for your particular purpose.

Within the areas of application, we evaluate binoculars according to the four classes "very good", "good", "medium" or "not recommended".

More information:

  • Astronomy
    You are fascinated by the stars, but don't want to set up telescope right now? You can immerse yourself in the world of astronomy using many binoculars.
  • Bird watching
    Blackbird, thrush, finch or starling? Binoculars helps to spot and identify the bird.
  • Hunting
    Do you want to stay in the hide until dusk, or do you prefer to stalk game? We have the right binoculars for you!
  • Sailing
    Even the sailors of old used binoculars to orient themselves on the high seas. In some cases, modern binoculars even offer a built-in compass and a reticle for estimating distances.
  • Theatre
    Whether it's serious opera, a romantic operetta, folk theatre or a musical; with opera glasses or small binoculars, you'll be part of the action.
  • Travel and sport
    Whether travelling or on a cycling tour, you should always have small binoculars to hand.
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