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Series by brand:


  • BioBlue
  • DZ-Series
    The modular stereo microscopes of the DZ series combine ergonomics with very high resolution optics.
  • Delphi-X-Observer
    State-of-the-art microscopes for advanced Life Science applications.
  • EcoBlue
    These microscopes for education are easy-touse and student-friendly, which means able to withstand extensive use and rough handling
  • EduBlue
    These microscopes for education are easy-to use and student-friendly, which means able to withstand extensive use and rough handling.
  • MicroBlue
    The MicroBlue microscopes are easy-to use and student-friendly, which means able to withstand extensive use and rough handling.
  • Nexius
    These top level zoom microscopes are perfect for analyzing all kinds of material surfaces or to observe and prepare biological samples.
  • Oxion
    The Oxion microscopes are modern, robust and high level microscope for everyday use, equipped with excellent optical and mechanical components.
  • Q-scope
    Q-scope digital microscopes - high quality real time images.
  • StereoBlue
    StereoBlue stereo microscopes are specifically meant for laboratory and higher education use
  • Z series
    Indispensable for a reliable quality inspection of processes in production or of industrial products, these microscopes are also extensively used in research laboratories
  • iScope
    The iScope is available in various configurations suitable for Life and Biomedicial Sciences, high schools, universities but also for routine medical applications


  • Wiloskop
    The Stereo-Zoom-Microscope for Industry and Biology
  • Wilovert
    Inverted microscopes for highly specialized, professional user.




  • CX33
    Comfortable, High-Throughput Routine Microscopy
  • CX43
    Comfortable, High-Throughput Routine Microscopy


  • B-150
    This series is the perfect choice for students who want an innovative and easy to use product
  • B-190
    Biological microscopes for the next teaching generation
  • B-20
    Entry-level biological microscopes for students
  • B-290
    These microscopes are suitable for routine microscopy and have an ergonomic design for comfortable long-term use.
  • B-380
    Advanced biological microscopes for teachers
  • B-500
    The B-500 microscopes have been designed for the best performance in routine laboratory use
  • DM
    Digital microscopes designed for students
  • Modular
    The MODULAR series has been designed to match professional needs in industrial field.
  • Optigem
    Stereomicroscope for gemological analysis and laboratory.
  • SZM
    Stereo microscopes with Greenough optic designed for laboratory and industry applications.
  • SZN
    Stereomicroscopes with Greenough optics designed for laboratory and industry applications
  • SZP
    Stereomicroscopes with Common Main Objecvtive


  • KL-2500
    LED light source for highest performance
  • Kl-300
    The KL 300 LED is developed and designed for industrial and life science applications in stereo microscopy and macroscopy
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