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  • Condensor
    A condenser serves to ensure a uniform homogeneous illumination of the object. The Abbe condenser consists of a lens system and an adjustable diaphragm. With it, you can set the optimal contrast for the object.
  • Eyepiece
    The upper element of a microscope. An eyepiece consists of several lenses and is used for visually observing the object. In microscopy, the magnification power is expressed as -x.
  • Image scale
    This refers to the magnification factor of a single microscope lens. A lens with the number 40 is referred to as a scale of 1:40 or simply a factor of 40 times. If you multiply the lens factor by the eyepiece factor, you get the magnification.
  • Lens type
    Describes the optical design of the lens.
  • Light source (1)
    The light source illuminates the object and is available in various forms.
  • Magnification
    Specifies how much larger an object appears compared to when viewed with the naked eye.
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