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Glossary | Spotting scopes | Special features

Spotting scopes may be equipped with additional functions.

More information:

  • Built-in digital camera
    Some spotting scopes have an integrated digital camera for digiscoping. The advantage: especially compact, and no further camera equipment is required.
  • Eyepiece included
    Some spotting scopes come with the (zoom) eyepiece included. Usually it is possible to tell from the spotting scope description whether an eyepiece is included.
  • Lens hood
    A removable lens cap. Useful to avoid lateral reflections and condensation.
  • Rotating tube clamp
    The spotting scope can be turned to the right or left for a comfortable viewing position.
  • Splash-proof
    May only be exposed to moderate moisture or light drops of water.
  • Threaded tripod connector
    1/4" thread for mounting onto any standard photographic tripod.
  • Watertight
    Watertight optics are equipped with special seals and are gas-purged. This is usually with nitrogen or argon gas. Since these gases are heavier than air, they cannot escape.
  • Zoom eyepiece included
    A zoom eyepiece offers variable magnification within the range indicated on the eyepiece.
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