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Leica Binoculars Geovid 15x56 R

Product no.: 49403
Manufacturer: Leica

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Leica Binoculars Geovid 15x56 R
Leica Binoculars Geovid 15x56 R
Leica Binoculars Geovid 15x56 R
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Product description:

LEICA Geovid R
Best components for precise distance determination – competence for more than 20 years

Accurate measurement
Laser rangefinders for reliable measuring
All Geovid models incorporate laser rangefinders that allow quick and precise distance determination. Users will never lose sight of their target over medium and long distances.

Best optical elements for outstanding viewing
State-of-the-art lenses guarantee maximum colour fidelity, contrast and straylight suppression, offering a bright and crystal-clear and pin-sharp image – even under the most adverse light conditions.

Safe and comfortable under any condition
The compact construction of all Geovid models is completely waterproof and nitrogen filled, guaranteeing comfortable viewing under any weather condition by preventing fogging from inside.

Leica Geovid R 42 and R 56

The new Leica Geovid R binoculars concentrate on essentials – a high-performance optical system, reliable distance measurement and ballistic angle compensation. What’s more, the Geovid R models offer comfortable viewing for longer periods of observation, classical, ergonomic design for optimum grip and fatigue-free viewing, as well as uncompromising quality in construction and finish.

All models feature a comfortably wide field of view and are ideal for scanning broad terrain. Leica Geovid R 56 binoculars are a dependable companion in unfavourable light, the low contrast of dawn and dusk and at particularly long distances. All Leica Geovid R binoculars stand for outstanding optical performance in all viewing situations. Their high contrast and edge-to-edge image sharpness ensure identification of even the smallest details. The brightness of the LED display adjusts automatically to ambient lighting conditions and shows the measured distance values with optimum brightness and clarity in all conditions.

The Leica Geovid R displays linear distances for a measuring range of up to 1100 metres (1200 yards). All models also feature the EHR ballistics function that allows the user to display the equivalent horizontal range for angle shots for distances from 10 metres/yards to 550 metres/600 yards. o previous knowledge of ballistics is required when using the EHR function. The display appears at the single press of a button. Pre-setting or pre-programming is not required.

Start the measurement with just one push of a button!

Water-tight and nitrogen-filled - suitable for extreme conditions!

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