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Leica Binoculars Ultravid 8x20 BR

Product no.: 4108
Manufacturer: Leica

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Leica Binoculars Ultravid 8x20 BR
Product description
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Product description:

They are brighter, sharper, more compact, more functional and robust than previous binoculars of this lens size.

There is no question that these compacts are true Ultravid-class. Almost all the Ultravid-elements that the developers could miniaturise found there way into these "mini-binoculars" which fit comfortably into almost any pocket.
The use of asphericial lenses offers the observer a sharp image right to the edge whithout colour fringing and because of the short close-up distance these little Ultravids bring close up things even closer.

The 25mm and 20mm BR binoculars live up to the name "Ultravid" in the case robustness too: because a new developed vulcanisation method ensures that the rubber armoring is inseparable from the metal housing even in the harshest conditions. Their robustness is further evidenced by being guaranteed watertight up to 5 m (16.5ft)and nitrogen filled to prevent fogging. They also come with high quality accessories.

The Ultravid BR series come in shock-absorbing black rubber coating but also available is the Ultravid BL series in a noble black leather. This leather design gives the binoculars a classic elegance and guarantees a long life.


  • light and compact
  • 8x magnification for steady observation
  • large field of view of 110 m

Jäger' magazine - Test: Small binoculars with a large image - 4/2011 Rating: Excellent, Test Winner!

The picture shows the detent on the rear for dioptre compensation

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