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Leica Monocular Monovid 8x20 Silverline

Product no.: 21502
Manufacturer: Leica

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$ 590.00

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Product description:

Sitting inside the packed auditorium, the rich sound of the orchestra surrounds you completely. The power of the brass section gives you goosebumps. Mesmerised, you watch the conductor, sensing the passion and concentration in every single movement.

The Silverline 8 x 20 Mono reveals every detail of the performance. It lets you see things that would otherwise go unnoticed. Despite its impressive abilities, it is small and light - and it fits comfortably in any pocket. Having experienced the fascinating insights offered by this stylish instrument, you'll never want to go to the theatre or a concert without it.

Beautifully engineered, this monocular features 8-times magnification, bringing you so close that you can make out the pattern of wood grain on the violins. It also offers a close-up lens for detailed observation of objects at close range (25 to 30 cm).

The benefits:

  • handy, versatile, and weighs in at only 4 oz / 112 g
  • close-up lens enables macro effect
  • nitrogen filling prevents fogging
  • with water- and dirt-repellent AquaDuraTM coating
  • waterproof to 16.5 ft / 5 m
  • high quality case for storage and protection


  • superb optics
  • light weight and compact
  • 8-times magnification
  • hand strap

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