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Minox Monocular Macroscope MS 8 x 25

Product no.: 20954
Manufacturer: Minox

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Minox Monocular Macroscope MS 8 x 25
Minox Monocular Macroscope MS 8 x 25
Minox Monocular Macroscope MS 8 x 25
Minox Monocular Macroscope MS 8 x 25
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Product description:

Similar to illustration - the colour may differ.

The MINOX Macroscope MS 8x25 "Black Edition"

MINOX has added a "Black Edition" of the innovative and successful Macroscope MS 8x25. The purpose of this model is to complement the existing product range to meet the specific demands of specialist target groups. The metal body of the "Black Edition" has a black anodised finish to prevent light reflections, which is vital when the user wishes to remain as neutral as possible to the surrounding conditions.

Police, military personnel as well as security services understand and use equipment with a body surface that is as neutral as possible. Also hunters and stalkers need to remain unseen, especially when approaching game at closer distances. Bow hunting is a good example of close distance hunting. This is where the Macroscope MS 8x25 "Black Edition" comes into its own. A discrete mini telescope with a fast focus and designed to focus up close if required. In situations like this, the slightest reflection would draw attention to the hunter which is the very purpose for its all-black body.

As with the original version of the Macroscope MS 8x25, this matt black version offers maximum optical performance packed into a small and compact body. A very close focus distance of just 35 centimetres combined with an 8x magnification allows the user to comfortably enter the fascinating world of macro viewing. With a field of view of 115 metres, this mini-telescope with a Volkswagen design, is also the perfect product for viewing long distance subjects just like a normal telescope. For use when travelling, leisure – buildings or in the theatre - or sporting activities and even as an aid for people with a visual handicap, the use of this macroscope is virtually unlimited. Since its launch, this extremely compact and lightweight mini-telescope has become a favourite of both hunters and butterfly or dragonfly watchers who rate it very highly as a vital piece of equipment when out in the field.

The extremely compact design of the MS 8x25 "Black Edition" has been made technically possible through the use of porro prisms, which also helps to promote high light transmission. The lens diameter of 25 millimetres, the innovative optical system and a top quality multiple coating guarantee images with high contrast and natural colour rendition, even in difficult light conditions. With the convenient and fast Quick Close Focus (QCF) patented by MINOX, the Macroscope MS 8x25 "Black Edition" can adjust from close focus to infinity simply by turning the focussing wheel by 360°.

The sturdy and extremely light all-black metal body is partly coated with rubber to guarantee non-slip handling. With its special sealing technology it is protected against any penetration of dust and water making it watertight to a depth of five meters. Filled with high quality argon gas, the inside of the macroscope is protected against both corrosion and fogging of the glass-air surfaces, even during severe temperature fluctuations. Eyeglass wearers will appreciate the extended eye relief which allows them to enjoy the full field of view even with their glasses on. A rotating eyecup provides easy adjustment to the user’s individual requirements.

The MINOX Minoscope "Black Edition" comes complete with a case and strap.

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