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2x54 binoculars for star field observation

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Product description

More about the series Nightstar...

Deep views of the night sky
What would it be like to see hundreds of stars, entire constellations and celestial objects? It’s easy with these star field glasses. Using them, you can always enjoy the heavens at the drop of a hat. With wonderful impressions. It feels almost as if you are looking at the sky with your own eyes, but with a lot more power.

The advantages at a glance

  • 36-degree view of the sky: 5-times larger visual field than traditional wide-field binoculars
  • Discover entire star fields and constellations
  • More stars - around 1.5 mag deeper than with the naked eye
  • See faint constellations, even from within the city
  • Exceptionally good and clear image quality which make stellar observation a joy

A different visual sensation
Super eye - no other description says it better as, with only 2x magnification and an objective aperture of 54mm, the sky appears fantastically close. You can see a lot more beneath a dark sky. Even with urban light pollution, orientation is easier.

Crisp optics for increased viewing pleasure
With improved optics, the stars appear brighter and clearer. And a wonderfully flat field provides even more joy. Observing through star-field binoculars has never been so good.

Increased visual sensation - an almost endless range
With a 5x larger visual field when compared to traditional wide-field binoculars (7 degrees), you can survey a large area of the sky. With a 36-degree sky field, you can marvel at sprawling star fields and survey large constellations which look like a sea of stars.

Compact star binoculars for any pocket
Clear night sky and no instrument with you? With these star field binoculars this won’t happen. They fit in any pocket and are so compact that you can always have them with you. How else can you use every available moment for observation?

Easy to use with a nebula filter
You can also now use nebula filters with your star field binoculars. You can buy ideally suited nebula filters as optional extras during purchase. Use them to soar through the Milky Way - you will find it even easier to discover deep sky objects beneath a dark sky.

Faint shooting stars and bright comets within your sights
Using these star field binoculars, you can see more stars than with the naked eye. Some observers use them to spot faint meteors in meteor showers. But bright comets also look especially delightful.

For sporting events, theatre performances and musicals
Not just for astronomy: Use these optics at events or performances. Their low magnification and compact design are optimal for seeing more of the stage.

Experience the stars anywhere, anytime.

Further information:

  • Multi-coating and blackened lens edge to prevent reflections
  • Filter thread for 56mm filters
  • Single eyepiece focusing for fixed focus
  • Protective carry case
  • Microfibre cloth

Our expert comment:

Our tip: Complete the Omegon 2x54 binoculars for star field observation with a pair of Omegon Filters Pro UHC filter M56. These filters are screwed directly in front of the objective lenses. This shows you the Milky Way in particularly rich contrast. Normal 2-inch filters can also be used with the help of the ASToptics M56(M) to M48(F) adapter. Please order in pairs!



Type of build
Front lens diameter (mm)
Exit pupil (mm)
Interpupillar distance (mm)
Focusing system
Single focusing
Diopter-adjustment side
on both sides (Single eyepiece focusing)

Special features

Zoom function
Eyepieces for spectacle wearers
Image stabilizer
Protection bag
Threaded tripod connector
Lens cover
eyepiece cap
Strap fitting
Loop connector, narrow

Field of view

True field of view (°)
Apparent field of view (°)
Close focus limit (m)


Surface material
- (Metal)
black / silver
Weight (g)

Area of application

very good
Travel and sports
not recommended
not recommended
not recommended
not recommended
Bird watching
not recommended

Recommended accessories

Telescope accessories (1)

ASToptics M56(M) to M48(F) adapter

$ 32.90*
Filters (1)

Omegon Filters Pro UHC filter M56

$ 99.00*
Binoculars > Accessories (4)

Berlebach Mount Fernglashalter FGH deluxe

$ 270.00*
Photo Tripods (1)
Aluminium tripod

Omegon Titania 500 aluminium tripod set

$ 119.00*
Outdoor (1)

K+R TRAMP hiking compass

$ 20.90*
Maintenance & Cleaning > Lens cleaners (3)

Omegon 7-in-1 lens cleaning set

$ 19.90*
Maintenance & Cleaning > Other (2)

Omegon SPUDZ microfaser cleaning cloth

$ 14.90*

*All prices include VAT plus shipping costs.

Omegon 2x54 binoculars for star field observation
Omegon 2x54 binoculars for star field observation
Omegon 2x54 binoculars for star field observation
Omegon 2x54 binoculars for star field observation
Omegon 2x54 binoculars for star field observation
Omegon 2x54 binoculars for star field observation
Omegon 2x54 binoculars for star field observation
Omegon 2x54 binoculars for star field observation

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