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Omegon Zoomstar 10-30x50

Product no.: 8569
Manufacturer: Omegon

RRP: $ 69.00

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$ 49.90

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Omegon Zoomstar 10-30x50
Omegon Zoomstar 10-30x50
Omegon Zoomstar 10-30x50
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Manufacturer's product description:

This attractive set of binoculars in a new design will win you over by its incredible price/performance ratio. Due to its compact and handy shape, this inexpensive model is the ideal companion in many situations.
Its fully coated optics and solid mechanical system ensure high-quality and colour-sensitive image reproduction.
Still compact enough to be carried along anywhere, it proves to be a fine set of all-round binoculars. Perfectly able to reveal even the smallest details from a long distance, it is well suited, for instance, for observation from the sky, off-road, by the seaside or at the mountain, for monitoring technical devices or watching birds and other animals. Despite the very competitive price, the manufacturer has successfully produced a high-quality set of zoom binoculars.
These all-round performing zoom binoculars are rubber-armoured, which helps protecting them from accidental knocking or dropping.
The integrated 1/4'' tripod screw-thread enables you to use a tripod, to make sure that you get a steady and unblurred image.

Our expert comment:

Unfortunately, zoom binoculars often show an undesirable 'tunnel effect' (the view through the binoculars is like looking through a tunnel). Experienced users therefore usually use binoculars with fixed magnifications as they offer a more comfortable viewing. Recommended binoculars in this price range are Omegon 10x50W and Omegon Blackstar 10x42

(Dominik Schwarz)

multi-coated optical lenses

The binoculars come supplied with carrying strap, case and cleaning cloth.

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