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TS Optics Binoculars 10x50 LE

Product no.: 4840
Manufacturer: TS Optics

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Product description:

TS Optics 10 x 50 LE Series Binoculars - classical all-purpose Porro Binoculars that combine a great image quality with an attractive price. 10x50 binoculars are useful almost for all applications.

The LE Series of Binoculars:
The TS LE series of binoculars features a particularly good value for money. LE stands for "Long Eye Relief", signifying a high observing comfort. On the LE series we have put particular emphasis on the good image quality. The binoculars of this series are multicoated for an astounding image clarity and brightness. Professional manufacturing processes guarantee an excellent image quality.

TS 10x50 LE:
These binoculars have a highly ergonomic shape for a safe and comfortable grip. Their magnification of 10x can still be easily handled without a tripod.The long eye relief and the soft eyeguards offer an excellent viewing comfort. The 10x50 LE is also even well suited for eyeglass wearers.In combination with the still compact dimensions, the large field of view and the good image quality this turns the 10x50 into a true all-purpose instrument for nature observers, hikers, hunters and amateur astronomers alike.

Fields of Use:
The excellent coating and the high light gathering power with a quite large exit pupil result in a very good performance under less than ideal lighting conditions. Whether your goal is to get a close-up view of a distant animal or to get a bright image even in the twilight or in a forest, these binoculars will be your perfect companion. The image will remain crisp and clear.
The 10x50LE is also highly recommended for general purpose astronomical observing. "Strolling through the milky-way" or observing star clusters or even some galaxies is great fun with these binoculars. Even in this critical application the 10x50 LE offers a more than satisfying image quality and performance!
10x magnification can still be handled well without a tripod. For extended observing the 10x50 LE does have a tripod adaptation. You only need the optional tripod adaptor (see "recommended accessories") in order to place the instrument on any standard camera tripod.

TS Optics is a Telescopic Service trademark.

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