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TS Optics Spotting scope Kompaktspektiv 1550

Product no.: 5540
Manufacturer: TS Optics

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TS Optics Spotting scope Kompaktspektiv 1550
TS Optics Spotting scope Kompaktspektiv 1550
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Product description:

TS Optics Handy Eye - Handheld Spotting Scope - 15x50 Wide Angle - ultra compact spotting scope

  • The Ultimate Spotting Scope for Travelling - high power monocular - the TS Optics Handheld Spotting Scope is both. At only 190mm length and 250g weight the instrument offers very good high contrast optical performance. A large field of view of 3° is depicted with very good sharpness.
  • Comfortable 45° angled viewing position - upright and correct image - the integrated BK7 prisms create a correct image like in a pair of binoculars, but with a higher magnification than available in most binoculars. The 45° angled viewing position is ergonomically very comfortable, especially when used on a tripod.
  • Practical Carrying Handle - the spotting scope comes with a convenient carrying system with handle. The carrying system uses adhesive strap fasteners for quick removal when not needed. the carrying handle will prevent the spotting scope from accidentally dropping. At the same time it allows a better ease of holding the spotting scope for prolongued periods.Camera tipod adaptation: The spotting scope of course has an adaptation for use on a camera tripod. Under "recommended accessories" you can find a suitable table top tripod as well as a lightweight field tripod.
  • Applications: The TS SP 1550 can be used for any applicaation requiring a good image quality and a high magnification coupled with extreme portability and ease of use. Examples: Birdwatching / Sports events / travelling / hiking / short distance target shooting

TS Optics is a Telescopic Service trademark.

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