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Vixen Binoculars BT 126 SS-A Binocular Telescope

Product no.: 46803
Manufacturer: Vixen

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Product description:

There are few things that are more fun than the contemplation of the night sky through the large astronomical binoculars from Vixen. The result is a sharp, detailed view, where objects appear three-dimensional thanks to binocular vision. Observation with both eyes ensures not only that see more, but also your observation is a lot more relaxed!

The BT binoculars are especially suitable for big sky areas with nebulae and star clusters. In Japan, the home of Vixen, comet hunters love these binoculars because you can scan over a wide area very quickly.

The BT126SS-A Binocular Telescope features a pair of 126mm achromatic objective lense to collect 300% more light than the naked eye. The 45 degree angled eye piece holders provide comfortable viewing. Each eyepiece holder accepts 1.25" eyepieces. The interchangeable eyepieces allow you to change magnification for each individual observing session. Each eyepiece has individual focusing.

Please note : The delivery is without eyepieces

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