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Vixen Binoculars Foresta II 10x42 DCF ED

Product no.: 61917
Manufacturer: Vixen

$ 550.00

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Vixen Binoculars Foresta II 10x42 DCF ED
Vixen Binoculars Foresta II 10x42 DCF ED
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Product description:

Please note that this product desciption was translated by a computer. For more information please contact our english speaking customer service.

The popularity of NewForesta binoculars has inspired Vixen to combine the benefits of this series with the expertise of the Artes ED binocular series.

What remains is the handy bridge with penetration and the Set & Forget diopter compensation (pull out and lock focus knob).

New are the High Grade ED lenses (Extra Low Dispersion), which reliably prevent color fringing and make the Foresta II binoculars uncompromising contrast masters. The Foresta II binoculars are better at dawn dark objects against a dark background and allow the hunter so a fast and safe response of the game. But even by day it helps to better identify animals in nature, which makes the Foresta II binoculars for ornithologists the ideal observation partner.

The lenses of the Foresta II glasses have a flat multi-coating coating (7-layer) to allow even more light through. An HRD (High Reflective Dielectric Coating) coating was applied to the prisms. Through these coatings, the glasses achieve a particularly high light transmission. This is a decisive advantage in dim light.

Further advantages are:

  • big eye relief
  • out rotatable eyecups
  • waterproof and filled with nitrogen

Supplied with a carrying strap and a protective bag.

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